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Jan 13, 2010
i bought a savage 112 300 rum. what if any are the differences in muzzle brakes? which one is the most effective for the money? i am also looking to put a synthetic stock. without compramising accuracy, who makes the most stock for the money? is there anything else i should keep in mind while i'm building? how about loads? any favorites out there? thanks for your help
Take a look at this company. :) Call Kevin Rayhill and he will do a great job for you. His stocks are as good as anyones. He built me a complete hunting rifle with his Prairie Dog Special / Tactical stock that I finished by sanding & painting it myself. It shoots as good as a competitive bench rest rifle. Best 5 shot group at 100 yds. was .084" and 2 five shot groups in the low .3" at 200 yds. gun)

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