suggestions for rifle build?


Jul 12, 2006
let me make this quick with a short history of rifle.
i have a browning abolt 2 that was brand new and the person that was puting a muzzle brake on it damage the barrel.
well now i want to build a custom lr hunting rifle and i need suggestions on who to send my receiver to so the can replace the barrel and do the custom work on the rifle.
i'm looking for accuracy and lr capabilaty.
the rifle is a 300wm.


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Nov 13, 2005
there are some great smiths on this board, kirby allen (Fiftydriver) , shawn carlock (Shawn Carlock) , and there are a couple more that do some great work but their names have slipped from my mind this morning. (308 nate) thats the user name of one of the other smiths I couldn't remember.

hopefully they will chime in, good luck

James Jones

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Jul 1, 2002
The 300Win mag is a great round capible of making some realy long shots , the 7mm Rem mag is another good choice.
Not sure if you reload or not but their are a bunch of wildcats out their that will fit your gun with no to minimal modifications. I'd get a good barrel with a heavier conture and have it chambered and fitted buy a good smith and pretty much any of the mags will get you into the LR game with good bullets.

As for smiths , I just got a rig in today from "308 Nate" and I 'll say that his work looks and feels as good as any I have ever handled and that includes guns built by Darrel Holland and Charlie Sisk. If it shoots as well as its put together it'll most likly be my most accurate gun. Thanks to the US Postal service's "great" handeling it'll be a while before I get to shoot it as it has to go back tomorrow for some finish repair.

Nate's web site is
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