SUggestions for 300RUM reloading


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Sep 8, 2011
im fairly new to reloading really only reloaded 30-30, 45acp, 45lc, and 308. i usually hunt (whitetail) on a hill overlooking a couple of our hay fields. last year i used the level 1 ammo from rem which worked ok to me. closest shot i took last year was around 250yds. i also want to use the gun to start out with some long range shooting in the off season. i have a rem 700 sendero sf2, met a guy a couple months ago with the same gun and asked him this ? he said he really likes the hornady 180gr sst bullet with 99gr of retumbo. does anybody in here have anysuggestions for this. i know that this probly is skipping all over the place but im tryin to do 10 things at once right now
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