Subsonic 270 loads ?


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Feb 6, 2008
New Castle, PA
I have never tried subsonic hand loading. I would like to try some 270 win subsonic loads. Is there anyone who can help me get started or turn me in the right direction? Can I just use Mag primers, bore out the flash hole, and run Quick Load with red dot powder to around 1100fps, and work backwards(slower)?
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Many years ago I had some data for some 90-110 gr subsonic loads right around 1100fps. I remember using standard primers and a fast powder but no specifics come to mind. I do remember that having such low case fill made for some minor issues. Also I remember a warning I came across about NOT using the brass for full power loads due to case seperation issues once they have been used for subsonic loads.

It was a blast using them for squirrel and groundhog. They carry a good punch out to 100 yards or so.

Good luck!
The only reason I used them was that I intended to use it for paper and small game only. They gave a slightly better tragectory and still had plenty of energy for my use. I was basically trying to duplicate a 22LR with a lot more punch. They had about 8 inches of drop at 100 with a 25 yard zero (if I remember correctly).

I noticed there was a bunch of subsonic .308 info on here if you search. It should be a good place to find theory info and work from there.

YO! Wampum,

Took a bit of digging to find my records.......... Here's what I did year's ago most probably when or before your favorite thing was a 'binky".:D

Intended use: Knocking the heads off of fools hens (Ruff Grouse to youn's guys)

270 Win
W-W cases
Most probably CCI Primers (mag or nonmag???)
Sierra 90 grain HP.

Orginal Douglas Barrel:
10 grains of Unique 2 shots 1556/1606 FPS MV

New Lilja Barrel:
7.6 grains of Unique 1200 FPS MV.

I'm thinking your ESs will be humongous unless you buffer the empty space with something. The only things I can think of that you shouldn't use are tomato paste or honey.:D

Now here's the story that goes with.

I kept a handful of these "squib" loads just for the fools hens that make a very good meal and are all over the place.

Back in the Navy days we used to get 5 days off in a row every 5 weeks. That time was spent up in the middle fork country around Shovel and Yellow Jacket creeks chasing the elk. After several years, I was stationed here for 4 hunting seasons :), and no elk and plenty of fools hens I came up with the squib load.

During those years I never saw an elk, except once. That once weaned me from squib loads. I now carry a flipper. Yep a sling shot for Ruff Grouse, try that back there:D),

On one hunt after about 3 days of hiking and glassing I come to a little clearing covered by something like Mtn. Laural (??) . On my side of the claring was a couple of fools hens. I stood still for a long moment to ensure that it was only grouse and me in the local.

I eased out the regular round and eased in the squib load. Not as easy as one would thing with that Mauser action.

I held over the grouse's head the appropriate amount. The squib load went off at who knows what velocity but I did see the bird's head splatter in the scope.

At that same moment with the spent case in my hand, the grouse flopping around like a chicken with it's head chopped off I see about a half dozen tanasses busting through the trees on the other side of the clearing. That is the only time in 4 seasons I saw elk.:rolleyes:

No more squib loads!!!!
Call sierra and ask them.

DO NOT ever go below the minimum powder charge in the manuals. You can blow up your gun and face.

Basically they will set you up with loads of pistol powders

Thanks guys!

Roy- how the heck could you hit a grouse (in PA) w/ a sling shot. I can't hit em w/ a scatter gun!

Ya can't! Somewhere along I-80 when they migrated to Idaho they lost there phazaze. If your good a very long stick, willow maybe, can be used to wack 'em.

When I first encountered them I lead them way to far.:D
Just to put closure to this thread. My 10 twist barrel wouldn't stabilize any 130+grain bullet at subsonic speeds. It did stabilize the sierra 90 grainers. I used trail boss( about 9 grains) and standard primers and had no ignition issues. This was in 60+ degrees. For colder weather I believe I'll use mag primers just to insure ignition. It was plenty accurate to 50 yards witch is as far as I've shot it so far. At subsonic speeds there's still enough energy to pass through a 4x4 but the bullets doesn't expand, it tumbles on impact. No idea what it will do on a softer impact surface.
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