Strength training Cycle for the fall starts NOW


Dec 10, 2014
It may seem a bit early but if you break down your year into training cycles it makes more sense.

I am jumping the gun a bit though. February is what I really mean to begin your strength training cycle. This is the time to develop your big lifts and create a strength and power foundation to carry you forward as we approach archery season. If you are predominately a rifle hunter (October and on) then just adjust the time-frame.

All the hunters I have trained have made the best progress in their fitness starting their heavy lifts early and sticking with it for 2-3 months depending on age, disabilities and, of course, overall goals. During the last half of the power cycle I have folks begin their cardio progression. The cardio progression lasts the entirety of the program. From there I suggest to people that they move into a performance phase that enables the building of performance movements (think sports movements) that demand the most muscle groups to work in unison. Then the cardio shifts into an endurance focus from this point (about mid to end of June) and together I help balance power maintenance, endurance progression, rest and mobility. I have found that this helps people thrive in the mountains, finish their days a lot less sore and exhausted.

All that balanced with good sleep habits, good dietary habits and consistency will help you not miss out this fall due to lack of fitness.

I hope this helps a few people out there. It is rather generic but It is a timeline that can be followed to become more powerful, stable, agile and last longer!


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Aug 13, 2012
The Republic of Texas
I'm forming a similar plan now but no real experience to go on. Just lots of reading and youtubing.

A little background, I just turned 50 and lost 44 pounds last year. I'm 5'11' and maintaining 202 now +/- a couple of pounds. Feel better than I have since my 20's.

I'm focusing on strength with a little cardio now and thought the same thing to ramp up cardio in June then in August add in HIIT or Cross Fit type exercise to my program. I go to the gym 3 days a week now and occasionally a 4th. I'll add in movements from home with the HIIT and Cross Fit type work and plan to do something even if it's 15-20 minutes daily towards the end. I'll also plan for 2 training periods on my days off when possible with one being cardio related HIIT.

I'm building a calendar now to maximize fitness and hopefully prevent burnout by changing routine.

This is in preparation for an October guided hunt in NM.

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