Story Time and Chicken Killers


Mar 6, 2008
So my phone rings last week and the lady on the other end introduces herself as the parent to two of my students. She then says that her boys tell her that I like hunting coyotes and she could use my help. She goes on to explain how they have a lot of chickens and the local coyote population has decided they like chicken for breakfast. So much so that they are getting brave enough to come right into their yard and snatch and chicken or two nearly every morning. She said her husband has tried to shoot them a time or two, but missed. She also said there had been quite a few people from the big city out to try and call them in, but they hadn't had any luck. Honestly I wasn't too thrilled to hear a lot of people had been out there calling, but I decided I would give it a whirl anyway. Just had to hope I could put sounds out there that perhaps the coyotes hadn't heard before.Read More...
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