Stoney Point Overall Length Gauge

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  1. Ian M

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    May 3, 2001
    I have wondered how well these things worked for some time and finally got one. Wish that I had not waited so long - the little gadget works slick and beats hell out of the guess work that I used to use to determine max O.L.

    You just screw a dummy cartridge case onto a threaded hollow stem, drop a bullet into the case mouth, insert the case into the chamber and push the bullet into contact with the lands by sliding a plastic rod up through the stem and cartridge case. Way easier to do than to explain.

    When the bullet makes contact you lock the push rod with a setscrew and withdraw the unit from the action. The bullet might stick in the lands, no deal as you just pop it out with a cleaning rod dropped down from the muzzle. Then put the bullet back into the case mouth, it drops down onto the locked push rod and you have your exact O.L. determined at the OGIVE, not the bullet tip.

    You measure the base to tip length or actual overall length with a caliper, the stem is cut-away to allow you to center your caliper so this is easy and accurate.

    Sure is a neat tool, not expensive and has to work. I believe Sinclair sells one also.
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    Been using one for years... If you have a wildcat, you can send Stony Point 2 cases and they will drill and tap the base to fit your OAL tool. BTW, if you dont have the comparator kit, get one.This will make your quest for the ultimate OAL complete... [​IMG]
  3. Ian M

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    May 3, 2001
    Got the comparator kit also but can only handle one challenge at a time... Thanks for the suggestion, I will get at that next.

    Were you looking for info on the Nikon Tactical on SC?
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    Jan 6, 2002

    Nope it was me at SC. Just seeing how the monarch users feel about the tracking/repeatability over time, since it appears the new tacticals will use that system.(at least for now) I really appreciate the help so far, thank you. I've been going back and forth between the new Nikon or a used MKIV M1... Never easy is it? I sent a mail off today to ask about the send date of the first production run. Hopefully it'll be before July, we'll see. It's hard to have a stick waiting for optics...

    Didn't realize stoney point would build a wildcat for us. When I finally get the brass for this 6.5x284, I'll have to send them a couple cases.

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    Jun 12, 2001
    Wow, are we all on the same page or what?

    An email I recieved a couple weeks ago.....

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    Do you know what tap to use for making custom cases to use in the Stoney
    Point OAL guage? I had seen one somewhere specifically mentioning it but
    have not been able the find it again.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I gave my Stoney Point away a couple years ago and the reason being, it would not take into account when the bolt is closed. What I mean is, you could check the length with the Stoney and then take just the case with a bullet & load it into chamber & close bolt. Then of course, very gently remove it & mic it with the compartaor, could be any where from 3-5 thousands differnce. Have rechecked these two ways many of times, in many rifles.
    Closing the bolt can push the casing in farther.
  7. Guest

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    Coyote Hunter--
    Good technique is necessary when using the Stony Point-- You must push the bullet into the lands until it engraves to insure uniformity-- this will get it very close to the "bolt closed" measurement. CJ