Stolen Guns

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  1. Huntinfool

    Huntinfool Well-Known Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    Everyone Please Keep Your
    Eyes and Ears Open and
    Help Recover Some Stolen Guns.

    Phillip "Grizz" Hatfield was at an encampment at Carter Caves over the last week. Some low life dirty scoundrels broke into his home and stole most every gun he owned. They must have known he was not coming home as they took the time to break into his vaults and clean him out. If you will, please print this list out and keep your eyes open for any of them.

    Grizz is a direct descendent of "Devil" Anse Hatfield from the famous "Hatfield and McCoy Feud" Some of the guns stolen could never be replaced EVER! If you know any local gun dealers or pawn shops owners take them the list of stolen merchandise. ANY and ALL help will be appreciated more than you could ever know!

    The Following list represents firearms stolen from the residence of Phillip "Grizz" Hatfield on Bourbon Hollow, Grayson, Ky during the week of July 19, 2004.
    If you have any information, please contact the Kentucky State Police (606-928-6421) and refer the information to Trooper Wiley. You may also contact Phillip "Grizz" Hatfield at 606-474-2589.
    All information received will be kept confidential
    Description Serial Number
    Colt National Match .45 auto 7269NM Walnut grips, oversize beavertail grip safety, skeleton hammer

    Charles Daly Officers model .45 auto New in box,2 clips, rosewood grips

    Walther P-22 .22 auto in box w/ acces.

    Smith & Wesson Model 29-2 Overesize Target grips,in Presentation caes w/ acces.

    Cimmaron Thunderer #5933 3.5 in barrel, ivory one piece grips

    Uberti Bisley model 4 5/8 in barrel, walnut grips

    Uberti 1858 Remington A40233 5.5 inch barrel, conversion cyl. In .45 colt

    1851 Navy colt custom Custom built from different parts, 2 piece ivory grips, fluted cyl.

    Traditions 1860 Army 140478986 8 inch barrel walnut grips

    Pietta 1860 Amy pf2940 5.5 inch barrel, walnut grips

    Philadelphia Derringer .44 cal, reproduction

    Kimber Platnium Series .22 conversation kit in box with clip

    Ruger Single Six, Old Model 76598 Nickel plated with repro stag grips, some flaking on finish

    Harrington & Richardson 224921 nickel .32cal.

    1917 Webley .45 auto for half moon clips,exc. Condition, slight crack in grip

    H&R .22 DA 6 in barrel, cream and brown grips

    Colt King Cobra 4 in barrel, bright stainless, custom Houge wood grips

    Bushmaster AR15 16.5 in barrel, h bar, w/ comp.

    Springfield M1 Garand 3078537 non import, 1944 manuf.

    Springfield M1 Garand 2237634 Blue Sky Import, new bolt, trigger group, 1944 manf.

    Springfield 1873 Trapdoor Rifle 45/70,

    Springfield 1884 Trapdoor Rifle 45/70 very good

    Winchester model 12 16 gauge, 28 inbarrel, taper choke in barrel

    Remington Model 11 16 gauge,IC ,
    97 TW /Winchester repro 1897 Trench Gun MIL

    4970 12 gauge, WW1 trench gun repro

    New Worchester N/a 12 gauge, double barrel

    Pedersoli Sharps Long Range Express SH11558 45/70 w/ long range tang sights, globe front

    Savage model 24 .22/410 O/U, walnut stock & forearm

    Remington Nylon 66 Bi-Centenial 2554258 Engraved Bi-Centenial W/ 3x9 scope

    Ruger 10 22 Blue, walnut stock, wide view scope

    Ruger 10 22 Stainlees steel, Mannilicher laminate stock, stainless Simmons scope

    Ithica .22 lever single shot, scratches on reciever

    Ruger M-44 124902 .44 mag semi auto, first model, w/1.5x3 scope

    WinchesterModel 670 131326 .264 mag, w/ 6x12 range finder- bullet drop scope

    Marlin 1894CB45 99123174 .45 colt lever, 24 in.oct. barrel

    New England Arms 12 gauge single barrel
    Universal M-1 Carbine w/ sling & oiler

    Wincherster 1894 Rifle .38/55 oct. barrel, front is older 1894, rear of rifle is new model, hand made forearm and barrel band

    Mosin Nagant 7.62x54 cut down rifle, replacement high front sight

    Mauser Argentine Carbine 7.65

    Springfield .22 semi auto, no mag tube

    Marlin Buckaroo 01249608 Single shot youth model {Buckaroo} w/scope

    Martini Henry 303 cal, carbine needs work, falling block, long lever

    Springfield 1870 Trapdoor Rifle 50/70, very good

    Eddystone Arsenal 806982 P1917 bolt AA marked on stock, Excellent

    Double Barrel Percussion Shotgun Hand carved stock in shape of horses head on pistol grip,14 ga.

  2. Iron Worker

    Iron Worker Well-Known Member

    Apr 3, 2004
    July 14 1997 was the worst day of my life.My house was broken to and my guns were stolen.I'm so sorry to hear that I know from past experience the lost in your gut your feeling.I know who did it,but because I'm not insane,I did not take the law into my own hands.The person who did it has been in and out of prison numerous times,destroyed his family all for a crack pipe.
  3. littletoes

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    Apr 12, 2002
    Dang, sorry to hear about it. We have some Hatfields close by here, from the original family. They just opened a bar close by.