Stocky Partners With KSA / Revolution Laminated Stocks - Who is KSA?

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Apr 7, 2009
Palm Beach, FL
Stocky Partners With KSA / Revolution - Who is KSA?

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After a very nice visit to the factory last month, I thought to take a moment to report since I get this question frequently ... Who is KSA?

As you may know, some time ago Keystone Sporting Arms, LLC (makers of the Davy Cricket / Chipmunk youth .22) acquired the assets of Revival, makers of the Revolution line of gunstocks. (I had run Revival stocks several years ago, but has some supply and fit issues so backed off.)

KSA moved everything to their state-of-the-art facility in Pennsylvania. One of the things I took away from this move is the labor pool they have ... one of the best furniture manufacturers in the world, Pennsylvania House, was located nearby. Chinese imports killed the domestic furniture manufacturing business in America.

The level of craftsmanship at PH was exceptional (the first 17 years of my professional life, 1980 to 1997, was in the furniture business) so I know something about this. It's really sad that the market for this level of American quality was sacrificed. Good for all of us though, in this one respect - many of those craftsmen are now at KSA! I watched first hand as these folks hand-finished and hand-fit (just about every one gets an in-house receiver set in it) each and every stock. Amazing.

So, in other words, your $122 Trailblazer is being finished by a guy or gal that has many years experience making $10,000 dining room sets, laid off just a few short years ago. I know craftsmanship when I see it and I saw it there, but anyone can figure that out LOL.

Additionally, KSA made a huge investment in cutting edge machinery. They have a computer program that "prints" finished product. In other words, if you are designing a new part, pour in some 'plastic' beads and click print just like you print a document in Windows. Out pops a polymer facimile of the part, accuracy measured in thousandths (10,000ths?). Their new stock duplicating machine, their CNCs, other wood, barrel and metalworking machines all state of the art. Nearly 100,000 square feet worth.

I was so impressed that we all got to work. I am very proud to say, after trying many laminated stock lines, that Stocky's now carries what I consider to be the 2 best lines out there - KSA and Remington (S&K). BOTH are busy as you read this designing new and ground-breaking models! We have the fortunate benefit of sending each and every model to the folks that can do it best!

So now we have fresh inventory of every stock they make either on hand or in production (plus the new exclusives.) Not happy to settle for the status quo, we have partnered with them to include new enhancements that you will not find, even on their standard product, anywhere else so shop carefully.

Things like upgraded recoil pads, swivel studs on rimfire stocks (if desired), extra bipod studs on centerfire stocks, we've even worked with them to improve the thumbhole itself on our stocks for greater comfort and control! Wait 'till you see the new stuff!

I heartily recommend them if you are in need of their high volume services, especially parts and barrels (please get the stock from us!)

Here's their site: Crickett Firearms - My First Rifle - Youth Model 22 Rifles - Proudly Made In The USA ask for Erin or Steve, and tell 'em Stocky sent you!


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