Stocks & Stocks: Help w/decision


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Jun 18, 2001
N. Dakota
Hi Guys, Gonna build a 6.5 x 284 capable of shooting a long distance, I think I am going to put a MBR Tooley stock on it. I have not decided if I go with wood (Shehane) or f/glass (MacMillan).

Can anyone tell me why I should use one or the other.

Also, is it possible to put recessed sling swivels on either of these stocks with out impairing the stock? I intend to hump it in a distance & set it up. Can one attach a bi-pod to these units?


Me too. I haven't decided which stock to choose. 50cal LBR or Tooley MBR stock. I guess I'll have to call McMillan again to get the full dimensions of these stocks.

Which material is more comfortable to you? Do you like to feel of the wood?
My personal preference would be Fiberglass/sythenic(sp?) stock for more durable in any weather. Will not get dent in case you accidently dropped.

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