Stocks for Kelbly Atlas LA

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Jul 21, 2018
Moss Point, MS
I know that the Kelbly Atlas is a "semi'clone" (whatever exactly that means?? Close, but not exactly??) of the Remington 700. I'm trying to figure out of one Rem 700 stock is any better for for these vs another. I'd love to get an AG Composites Privateer (my action is the Lite) for a Rem 700 and put the Atlas in it, but I've fell into the trap before of buying a stock only to find out it isn't usable, or at least without lots of modification.

What stocks are you guys that run an Atlas using? And how much work was it to get the action to fit? I know that I can send the action in to McMillan and maybe others for more exact fit (AG Composites, not so much), but that will take longer plus I risk getting the action lost or stolen in transit. Not trying to reinvent the wheel here, just seeing if I can drop my Atlas Lite LA into a LA Rem 700 stock inlet.

Thanks in advance!
You should be able to reach out to about any of the stock manufacturers and they can tell you if the Kelblys Atlas will fit into the stock/chassis. They refer to the action as a semi clone because the trigger hanger needs extra relief and the bolt handle is smaller and straight. Other than those two the external dimensions of the action are the same as a Remington 700.
I've had to cut stocks for the bolt release with an Atlas. The action itself will fit any rem700 cutout but the bolt release is a bit low and many times must be cut.
I guess everybody's experience is different, but after the 3 or 4 dealings I've had with AG customer service, I wasn't even going to bother asking. I'll give them another go. Thanks for the heads up!
Curious, did you end up getting a Mesa or something else? And how you like it?
I did go with the Mesa, and I have no idea because I haven't been able to get my hands on it yet. It was sent signature required, which is understandable for something costing more than $500, but for a guy who works more than 30 days straight outside of normal business hours over in the next state, it proves very difficult indeed. I had my hands on one Mesa already, and when I had the chance to grab another (last one, too!), I didn't hesitate if that tells you anything. Compared to the NcMillan Game Warden I ordered at the same time, the Mesa seemed like a much sturdier stock. Granted the McMillan was in the Hunter's Edge fill. The pillars were much beefier than the McMillan, and seemed to be located more appropriately (i.e. actually supporting the action). The only 2 gripes I had about the Mesa was that the pistol grip area is massive. I have snall hands, which puts me in the minority for sure, but the grip was not natural nor particularly comfortable for me to grip, as it seemed I never had a great purchase on the weapon. I guess it was probably more of me feeling that way than the reality of it (i.e., I'm sure it wasn't actually as bad as it felt) and could have become natural with lots of practice. The other issue I had was that I ordered it inletted for an ARC Nucleus 2 long action (which went missing for good around that same time), a Bartlein #3B contour, and Accurate Mag bottom metal. Apparently the Kelbly Atlas Lite LA also fits perfectly in that inlet, and the barrel was reported to fit well. The problem was that the $300 Accurate Mag system I purchased for the project had decent sized gaps around the inlet, as the cutout was too large. I did find out that a Hawkins M5 fits perfectly, so there went another $320. I think I've unwittingly donated all those parts and both stocks to a shop somewhere in Wyoming, so I don't think I'll see that Mesa (or the McMillan) again. That's another story, but the stock itself is excellent. Just order it inletted for Hawkins, because that's what you're going to get. I dunno if I'll get the newly purchased one or if it'll go back home to Idaho unsigned for. With my luck in picking gun parts and builders, I'll never see it either.