SOLD/EXPIRED stocks,barrels, rings etc!

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    Jul 14, 2011
    -I have a tan savage mkii/93 stock, aqnd a green one $27.50 a piece, -Ruger 10/22 new stock and barrel, 65.00 -Bushnell 40mm sunshade and cap, 11.00 -Millett 30mm high angle locs, millett 30mm high alloys, and 1" Weaver high quad locks, 35.00 -Remington 870 wood stocks, 35.00 -truglo red dot, 23.00 -Savage 3-9x40 take-off scope, 23.00 -Taurus Tracker OEM grip, 11.00

    I really would like to sell it as a package for $235[​IMG][/IMG]