Stock question


Nov 3, 2009
Central Texas
I've decided that I am going to get a 308 to get started into long range shooting but now I have a question about what gun I should get. In the thread I started the other day liltank suggested buying a aftermarket stock for any gun I got if I could afford it. This made me think.

Would I be better off buying a more expensive gun with a better stock such as the 700p, xcr tactical, or savage model 11 long range hunter with accustock. Or should I save some money on the gun and buy a gun with a cheaper stock to start with and then buy an aftermarket stock.

I know this route might cost a little more but I dont want to rush into buying anything when I could have better for just a little more money.

Thanks, Dustin
I just got my new stock for my savage mod.11 in 300wsm ,a Bell & Carlson dura max for a hvy barrel. The stock cost 103.42 to my door from stockys . I am waiting on a new barrel which should be here the end of the month ,I hope.

So lets say you want a Savage mod.11 rifle regular stock and the gun costs say 600.00. You can find a nice aftermarket stock for say 125.00 now we are at 725.00. Most B/C stocks come with a good recoil pad so that is done and a def.edge cheek piece is about 80.00 I think, so a little over800.00 dollars total.

the sav.11 LRH with accustock msrp run 932.00 to 972.00 also includes a brake which I don't think is needed on a 300wsm if it has a good recoil pad and an adjustable cheek piece which is a nice addon.

Price differece of around 125.00 you can now get a Harris bi-pod and still have lunch money on the way home from the range. Buying components and putting things together yourself is also more fun...

" And thats all I got to say about that" Good luck
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