Stock question for AR-30 .338 Lapua owners or shooters.

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    Jun 13, 2007
    I am considering getting an AR-30 in .338 Lapua. Looking at pictures it seems the cheek piece seems a bit low to get a good cheek weld and still be lined up behind the centerline of the scope. I realize the (front of the) cheek piece has to be low to allow full rearward movement of the bolt. Are there any members here that could give me firsthand info on this?

    I would also like to know what scope mounts you are using? I'm looking for mounts that give me more cant than the 10 MOA integral rail. And what diameter Objective lens you have on your scope?

    Are there any other full stocks available for this rifle? I saw the video on the (AR-15, AR-10 style) stock adapter and all those options seemed lower than the factory or way way too far back for a normal eye relief scope.

    Not looking for info on another gun like the Savage or the Edge at this point.