Stock for size 8 hand


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Jan 23, 2020
Hi All,
Looking at several different stocks for my new rifle build. Rifle will be used for all around hunting, does not need to be “ultra light” or adjustable, but I prefer carbon fiber or a synthetic material. Barrel contour is proof sendero so that limits it a bit. Also My hands are on the small/medium side so I am looking at the following

1. AG Visigoth
2. AG alpine hunter
3. Manners MCS-LRH
4. Grayboe Terrain
5. McMillan game warden (v2)

Any experience with these for guys who might not have long fingers? I am open to other suggestions as well.

I have an AllTerra arms now and find that the grip is just a little bit far back from the trigger for a perfectly relaxed grip. I always have to “choke up” on the grip to get the pad of my trigger finger perfectly oriented.