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Reemty J

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Apr 1, 2020
I have a Browning Xbolt pro in 6.5 PRC and I do not care for the browning stock too skinny, I would like something more in line like a Mcmillian game warden 2.0 or LR but they do not make it for a browning Xbolt. Any ideas what else there is that would be comparable. Mcmillian said they could make a stock but it would be 8 months out. Thanks!
Bell&Carlson or maybe HS Precision? I know both these are usually on the "thicker" side but not sure if they make for the xbolt.
7STWnut thank you, nice catch, I grabbed it. 👍🤝🇺🇸🍺🍺💪🇺🇸
I hope you like it, I did the same thing and really like the replacement stock. 👍

You did exactly what I did BTW, got a McMillan pre-inlet replacement for my X-Bolt Long Range. Huge upgrade, I was on the edge of saying scrap the barrel but the new stock and a bed job saved the rifle. Runs out to 1500 on steel like a boss, my brother got his first 1000+yard hits with it before I even bedded it.
For future information, here is the company that does the inletting for McMillan. The owner is a former McMillan employee:

They do inlet for Browning:


If you order your stock through them you get a discount.

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