Stiller, Brux, Timney, AICS in .260 Rem


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Jan 14, 2012
High Plains
Up for sale is a .260 Rem made from a Stiller TAC 30 action and a Brux Heavy Varmint barrel. It has a Timney trigger and is mounted into a legacy AICS. It's been a wonderful shooter. The reason for selling is because I bought an AI AT in .308 last year and I had a .260 Rem barrel made for it.

The Brux barrel started life as a Heavy Varmint but I had the gunsmith cut off about 3" on the breach end and finish the length at 25.5". So it's more like a M24 now. The muzzle is threaded with 5/8"x24 threads. I never attached anything to those threads so they're still new. The twist on this barrel is 1-8.5". It's had 637 rounds through it.

The AICS has a few scuff marks on it. The rifle was only used on ranges and not competitions. Scuff marks are from things such as magazine insertion, Atlas bipod folded back, collisions with other firearms in the safe. I have extra pictures of the scuffs if you are interested.

The scope rail is an extended version made by Stiller. It is pinned to the action and fastened with 8-40 screws. It is 20 moa.

This rifle is ready to shoot small groups. I'll include load info to the buyer.

Looking for $2550 plus shipping.

-- Todd
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