Step one--Check


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Dec 18, 2004
Have step one complete for my quest to put together a long range rig. Sent payment on a zeiss 6.5-20X50 Rapid Z 1000 today. Next step is to settle on a rifle. (Leaning towards a 300 win mag chambering in something) I'm favoring a Savage Law Enforcement 110 FCP-k. I've been pretty impressed with all the Savages I've been around. At least step one is satisfied. I always like to purchase an optic before a rifle that way I don't cheap out on optics. LOL Been fun researching ballistics over and over. Seem to have come around full circle with my initial plan. Gonna shoot the 200 grain Gamekings.

Ya got a darn good start.....

300 Win ain't too shabby. Get a configuration that will have weight/solidness and barrel length for LRH.

Keep us posted.....
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