Steiner 10 X 50mm Military

Joaquin B

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Sep 10, 2009
Oro Valley, Arizona
Almost 25 years ago, my Mom gave me a set of Steiner Military/Marine binoculars in 10 x 50 mm configuration as a graduation present. I've been really happy with them, although they are somewhat bulky and heavy. As I read more about newer designs, I now wonder if I am really missing-out by not selling them and buying a pair of high-end Swaros, Leicas or Nikons.

While on a tree blind in South Africa back in 1998, my PH and I swapped binoculars for comparison - he owned a pair of Zeiss 10X black rubber armored ones - right around dusk, and both agreed we could not tell the difference between them.

Am I really missing out on a lot of performance by sticking with my Steiners? I would really appreciate your opinions. If you think so, which binoculars would prove the best value for the money? I'd like to stay in the 8-12 X magnification range.

Thanks in advance,


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Jun 5, 2007
hi joaquin, don't be seduced by getting new just for the sake of it . If the binos you've got work for you then why change them? I use a set of 8x32 el swarovskis and can't see me ever needing anything else? if you do need more mag then do what i do and carry a spotting scope that way you will have the best of both worlds?

on the other hand if you've got a bundle of money in your pocket burning a hole then to be honest why not go and buy a set of leica/swaros/zeiss all the top end binos are good so just buy the set you find most comfortable.

sorry , probably not much help......
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