SOLD/EXPIRED ***steel targets--ar 500--cheap!!!


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Sep 6, 2011
Im very interested in a still target and stand brackets . We shoot longrange rifles out to 1200 yds . We will be shooting 3,000 fps + with 168 gr. bullets - 190 gr. Im looking for a 8" high x 14" oval plate with a hole or 2 in the top center . The top center will be on the 14" side as it will be horizontal . Could you give me a price on shipping them to zip code 15044


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Mar 30, 2008
Bigbuck, thanks for the inquiry!!!

The only problem with the bigger plates is the shipping. Ups ground seems to be cheapest at around $1.50 a pound to the Midwest and further from Seattle area

The steel company that cuts my steel does not Like it when I order one random plate. That is why I usually stick with either group buys or the same sizes.

Something like that from me just for a reference would be around $45 plus actual shipping.

If you ordered a minimum of 10 then we would be talking. That is the steel companies minimum custom size order

Thanks and god bless


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