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Greetings, Quarter Circle 42 is once again putting on a steel challenge match. The match will take place on the 15th of May 2010. Like last year’s shoot there will be shooting stations with many challenging targets. In addition there will also be known distance targets that will have limited exposure. This event will be timed, with limited exposure and shot on paper targets. With the exception of the first stage of shooting, this year’s shoot will be conducted much like the shoot in 2009. However, all targets will have a orange marker within a 10 foot radius of the target. Each shooting station will have multiple targets in different target configurations and degrees of difficulty and some targets will be partially camouflaged. It will be the responsibility of the shooting team to locate, identify, range estimate and engage each target within a time limit to accumulate a score.

Shooters will be expected to have everything that they intend to shoot with on them. Like last year all shooters will be transported up the hill. Once the safety brief has been given there will be no further opportunity to obtain any additional gear from your vehicles, other shooters (outside of the shooting team), spectators or by-standards of any kind. You dance with the date you brought!!

Match Location / Date.
The match is scheduled for Saturday, May 15th 2010. The location for this match will be in Kettle Falls, WA. Specific location will be given to the attending shooters once they have registered and are confirmed. This is done to eliminate any on lookers that may in-turn cause unnecessary distractions. Directions will be sent to each competitors email address once the registration form has been received. All forms must be in by close of business Pacific Standard Time by April 4th 2009.

Match Fee’s.
The Match fee’s will be $80.00 USD per shooter. T-Shirts will also be available for purchase for the match as well @ $20.00 per shirt. Proceeds will be donated to Camp Patriot. For more information about Camp Patriot look for them on the internet at

Match Sign In.
Match sign in will be from 1600 to 1700 on May 15th 2009 and at 0600 to 0730 on May15th 2009. All competitors must be signed in prior to the safety brief @ 0800 the day of the match.

There will be some camp sites available at the range and are available on a 1st come 1st serve basis. Notification will follow in order of receiving registration form. Camp sites are dry camps i.e. no hook ups for septic, water or power.
Hotels / Motels
Kettle Falls Inn
205 E 3rd Street HWY 395
Kettle Falls, WA 99141
Phone: 509 738 6514
5 min away

Benny’s Colville Inn
915 S Main
Colville, WA 99114
Phone: 509 684 2517
20 min away

Comfort Inn
166 Canning Drive NE
Colville, WA 99114
Phone: 509 684 2010
15 minutes away

Grandview Inn Motel & RV Park
978 HWY 395N
Kettle Falls, WA 99141
Phone: 509 738 6733
10 minutes away

All steel targets will have a maker within a ten foot radius. A deneral reference of each target will be given to the shooters in a chronological order from the shooting station RSO. A range card with target locations will be given to each team once they reach the shooting station. The range card will have a picture of the shooting stations sector of fire and locations to each target in relation to the shooting station position. Each target will be clearly pointed out on the range card. Multiple targets will be located at each shooting station.
There will be at least one target at each shooting station that will require the shooting team to acquire the range to that target with the reticle in their optics. The aid of a laser range finder on the pre-designated target will result in a zero score for that shooting team at that shooting station.

Caliber & Other Restrictions.
This match will be limited to .300 win mag and lower. If your rifle has a muzzle brake you will need to bring a shooting mat to absorb the blast. All shooters that have a muzzle brake will be shooting together during the 25 – 200 yard portion of the match.

Round Count
The course of fire will be a maximum of 120 rounds.

Time Limits.
Once the RSO has given the command to begin there will be a 1 minute time limit to engage each target. For example, if there are five targets at a given shooting position the shooting team (both shooters) will have a combined time of five minutes to work solutions to the targets and engage those targets within that five minute time limit. The shooters will have four attempts to hit each target at each shooting station. If it takes longer than the allotted time to engage the targets one point will be deducted off the overall score in fifteen second intervals from the overall score at that shooting station. If there are no attempts to hit any one of the targets at any shooting station all points for that station will result in a negative score. This will mitigate “gaming” the time issue.
In the event that the RSO has any distractions or reason to call a cease fire, time will be paused to ensure that the team at that station is allotted the proper time for firing.

Team Movement.
The RSO will instruct the teams what there next shooting position is and when they are cleared to move to that station. This will be done in order to keep track of all teams to ensure the safety of all involved in the match.

Shooters must attempt to hit each target with a minimum of 2 rounds. 4 rounds per target total will be allowed to accomplish this mission.
100% will be given for 1st round and follow on hits.
75% will be given for 2nd round hits.
50% will be given for 3rd round hits
25% will be given for 4th round hits
Scoring sheet example

Prior to engaging each steel target the shooter must verbally confirm with the RSO that he is going to engage a specific target i.e. target #. Once the RSO has acknowledged that he is indeed on the same target the shooter may engage the target.
It is entirely up to each team how they are going to engage each target and in what order. Who is going to spot and who is going to shoot. However, CLEAR COMMUNICATIONS WITH THE RSO MUST BE GIVEN PRIOR TO EACH SHOT TAKEN IN ORDER TO GET A SCORE.

Communications with the RSO.
Here is an example of communication with the RSO for steel target engagement.
Shooters: Team #3 (and shooters name) on Target #5
RSO: RSO on scope Target #5
Once the RSO has confirmed that he is on scope and the correct target the team may engage the target.

Scoring in the event of a tie.
Time will be kept at each shooting station. In the event of a tie the team with the best overall aggregate time will be declared the winner.

Side Match.
There will be a side match for those who wish to shoot at longer ranges at 1500 and one mile. Details, time and date to follow based on shooter interest.

Cash prizes will be given to the top three shooters. Additional prizes will also be available. 1st Place $500.00 2nd Place $250.00 3rd Place $125.00

Q42 Steel Challenge

Registration Form.
Please fill out legibly, print this page and send in with your payment. Please Identify which team member is the Team Lead by circling POC in the Name Box. Any changes to the match will be communicated to the Team Leads / POC identified on this registration.
Name: POC


Enclose a Check or Money Order for the amount of $80.00 USD payable to Quarter Circle 42. If paying for more than one competitor please reference that information with a notation at the bottom of this form
Team Mate Name: POC


Camp Site Requested
Please Circle One

Yes No

Indicate Interest in Side Match Yes No

Directions to the match will be sent to each competitor via email once this form has been received and processed.

T-Shirt(s) How Many? Circle a # Size Information S M L XL XXL XXXL
Yes____ No____ 1 2 3 4 5 More??

Cost Per Shirt
$20.00 USD Total Amount
$20 $40 $60 $80 $100
Other amount___________
Send this form with payment to: For questions or comments Email to:
Quarter Circle 42 [email protected]
688 B Mahoney Road
Colville, WA 99114
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