stealth II 308 scope base


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Oct 23, 2004
I've recently purchased a winchester stealth II (308) and intend to mount a nightforce 20 moa base. I have gotten both the M-70 long and short action nightforce bases and neither line up to the factory base mounting holes. What am I missing?
I do not have a Stealth ll in .308 but my .223 WSSM required a unique base since the WSM/WSSM rounds have a slight change in the hole spacing from the short action. You can get the correct base from Warne, that is where I got mine. You could also check with Marty at Badger Ordnance, I know he makes a base for the WSM, not sure which action the .308 is on tho. He will know.
Good luck, I went through the same thing.
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