SST's or Sciroccos

Big Sky

Feb 26, 2002
Northeast Montana
SST\'s or Sciroccos

Have any of you guys field tested SST's or Sirocco's for shooting between 500 to a 1000 yards. I would like to hear what the results were? It's my understanding they fly a little flatter that was first expected. Can anyone varify this?
Re: SST\'s or Sciroccos

I have shot a variety of Hornady plastic tipped bullets in 30 cal and they do fly very well.

I have used the 155 and 168 AMax and 150gr SST. Will try some 165 SST soon.

For long range shooting, these bullets have all been very accurate as well. Their BC are much higher compared to softpoint hunting bullets or hollow point match bullets of the same weight. I have found the 168gr Amax to fly up to 4 MOA flatter then the Nosler J4 at the same muzzle vel. at long range.

For hunting, I lean towards the SST over the Scirocco because the SST is not as strongly built. For me, the impact vel. at the game will almost always be under 2500fps. The SST will work very well at this level and slower (down to around 1400fps). I think the benefits of the Swift at close range become a problem further out. Bullets may not open sufficiently to do adequate damage.

Another excellent bullet to consider are the Nosler Ballistic tips. What makes them fragile at high vel. impacts, makes them controlled expansion bullets at long range. Very accurate too. Not as strongly built as the SST.

Good luck...

Re: SST\'s or Sciroccos

I agree with Jerry word for word, only I don't veiw a pass through shot as a bad thing though, even when a bullet acts as if it were a solid from lack of impact velocity and leaves a smaller wound channel. If the bullet just punching a hole clean through will not kill him I would shoot a larger caliber and would pass on the shot.
Re: SST\'s or Sciroccos

The 150 SST's average 3-4" groups at 650 yards out of my 300 ultra. 1-14 twist, 3800+ fps. Never tried them on game but may this year on caribou just to find out. Extremely flat shooting inside a thousand yards and I think would work excellent on caribou. Heck of a deer/antelope rifle also if you hunt inside a thousand and don't like to fool with clicks.
Re: SST\'s or Sciroccos

This year i shot 160# whitetail in Mexico, hit in shoulder while running, the bullet was a ballistic tip, bullet blew up, after it penetrated shoulder. No more ballistic tips for this boy. Just bought some Sciroccos 150 grain for 7mm rem mag. has anyone loaded this yet? Please reply
Re: SST\'s or Sciroccos

We have shot the Sciroccos in 7-08 and 7mm mag. and have had some very clean kills at fairly close range on black bears and deer. Bullet performance was pass-throughs in all cases, but the internal damage was extensive. Exits about 1.5-2.0 inches.
Never recovered any 7's yet but have some .30's that retained over 80%, including a real close range shot on a deer with a .300 Weatherby.
Good luck, hope you get an accurate load.
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