Ssg 6.5 x .284

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    Jan 13, 2010
    6.5X.284 003.jpg

    6.5X.284 007.jpg

    Rifle by Nathan @ SSG

    Action: Blue printed Rem 721 LA
    Barrel: Brux #5 28" 1-8"
    Coating: KG
    Trigger: Shilen @ 2lbs
    Bolt: Rem, Fluted & 3 position safety by SSG
    Stock: HS precision ADL sporter, skim bedded, camoby SPLASHGRAPHICSWTP.COM
    Trigger guard: PTG
    Rings & Bases: Seekins 30mm, 20moa base
    Scope: Leupold VX3 LR 4.5-14x50 M1 turrets.
    FFP Gen 2 reticle by Premeire.
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    Dec 31, 2006
    Very nice rifle, please let us know how she shoots.
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    Jan 13, 2010
    I was shooting this rifle last winter but have since changed it to what you see in the pics. I came to me with the standard 721 action,trigger & safety, blued action with the barrel stainless and a beautiful piece of wood that Nate had inletted and pillar bedded. I spent a ton of time finishing the stock and just couldn't take it out because I'm hard on stuff. So I found a used HS on ebay had Nate finish the rest.
    When I get the checkering done on the wood I'll post a pic.
    I haven't done much load developement as of yet. The load I found last fall shoots .410 for three.
    The load is
    Lapua brass
    140 grain A-Max
    50.5 grains RL-17
    CCI BR primer
    Velocity: 3125 @ 50 degrees.
    Scope was 3.5x10x40 leupold tactical

    This load is pretty hot and was fine for coyote hunting during the winter but I need to find a lower pressure one for antelope and deer in case the temps are higher.
    The first shot I took with this rifle on a critter was on a coyote at 742 and drilled it.
    The next was on a fox at 695, missed the first round but got him on the second.
    The third round took out a coyote at 660. All were in the same day. So I am really happy with the rifle. I took a few others from 400-600 before I started working on it again.