SSG 300RUM First trip to the range PICS


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Dec 10, 2006
York, PA
I finally got to take the new rifle from Nate Dagley to the range.
I was just goig to be shooting and cleaning the barrel for the break in process so I just brought some factory ammo along rather than waste my Berger VLD handloads.

I shot number 1 just from my rough boresight at 100 yards.....dialed the vertical and horizontal in on shots 2 and 3....I was cleaning between each shot and then fired shots 4,5,6 and 7. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. I was just using the rests. My brothers were using them for their deer rigs on the next bench. I let them combine ot fire some more shots with my new toy on the next target with the same results...5 shots of Rem. factory loads in one ragged hole!

I will be firing more in the coming weeks and working the handloads up to longer range...i'll keep the results coming online here!

Thanks Nate!

Starting out, that shooting looks pretty good to me. Tell us about your rifle components. Nice looking rig.
That's one fine looking rifle . What kind of flueting is that?I like it.
Here it is fellas I posted it in photo forum a while ago.

McMillan A-5 with decelerator pad, 60%Olive 30%tan 10% black. 4 sling swivels.
700 long action
Lilja barrel 1.200 HV taper to .875 muzzle finished to 27” with a 1 in 10 twist
CHamber, Thread and crown 300 Rum
Basic action blueprinting
Hollan recoil lug pinned as part of above package
pillar bed receiver to stock
Helical bolt fluting
Oversized bolt knob (knob and install)
"V" port muzzle brake
muzzle brak installlation
thread cap
seekins detachable mag system
TPS 20 moa base
TPS Rings
Rifle was fluted and cerakoted by Kampfeld Custom
That is one very nice group you just shot. Will be interesting to know how the groups perform shooting farther out. Good luck and keep us posted. BTW, nice looking rig.gun)
What kind of scope are you running?


It is a Zeiss Conquest 6.5 x 20 x56. I was at the range with my older brothers Leupold and younger brothers 8-32 NF and my glass fit right in.
Now that I think of it we should have done some side by side comparison while we were there all set at 20 power.
No I shot 10 rounds. Cleaning between each of them with Butches Bore Shine. Then a 5 shot group and cleaned again. It looks pretty good now. I will do a few more 5 shot groups again next range day.
The first 3 I was still dialing scope but after that 4-7 were all same setting same hole...I changed targets after #7.
What Rem. factory load are you shooting ? I just got my Sako TRG-S back from Nate after a rebarrel to 300RUM. Great looking groups you have there. I hope mine does as well. 28 inch Broughton installed and worked over by Nate. Keep us posted.
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