Spring bears


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May 21, 2023
Great Falls MT
Anybody have any tips on finding bears in the spring? Have been looking at South facing slopes old burns green grass and haven't seen a thing yet.
What mountain range are you hunting? I know a few and can help you better with more info.
I've mainly been hunting the front and I've seen bears in there before but it always seems to be fall. Do you hunt them the same as you do in the spring or is it a completely different hunt?
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You're in the right places, have you tried early morning right after sun rise? We've had some real hot weather lately(Idaho) and I believe it's kept the bears from moving as much in the afternoon. But I've seen bears out at 1:00pm when it was 90 degrees too.
Vantage point is key, use your butt and eyes, glass glass glass. Find a spot that you are able to see lots of openings from, it increases your odds of spotting one. Ford creek, elk creek, gross creek, blubber, willow creek all are areas with bears. Highest % time is late afternoon to evening. Bears are normally constantly moving and now the rut is on. You will see some Grizz and that is always interesting. Most people are walking out in the evening right when bears are moving, walk out in the dark.
Anybody have any tips on finding bears in the spring? Have been looking at South facing slopes old burns green grass and haven't seen a thing yet.
Glassing is your friend, find a good vantage place and plant yourself there for a long...time. Glass 10x as much as you walk and you'll find them.

I used to hunt the Front a lot, love that country there is some good spring time places in there for sure!

May 27th has always been my lucky day for big bruins. The rut will be on the elk calves will be dropping. Just a great time to be in the hills.

The boars will move a lot, and keep moving so once you spot a bruiser get after him hard! Odds are you won't see him again if you don't kill him that night.

You've got the best week for that area in front of you (no pun intended...:)
Lush green grass and the setting sun have always been a good bet in May, but if that isn't working try prowling the muddy areas around creeks looking for tracks and wallows. Bears take time to get rid of their winter coat, so early heat chases them into the shady areas. They come out in the meadows early and late when it is cooler - and on rainy days. The big ones are usually up high unless there are winter kill carcasses around. They can smell them from miles away and will usually hang around until it's cleaned up but their hides will stink like the devil because they roll around in the remains.
Im on other side of front.It has really greened up since opener and they get spread out more.At first green up they are stuck in one spot and easier to find ,but less out.I hunt wilderness and I always catch big tracks moving down to the valleys, its greener.The grizzly seem to be moving up usually. I hunt slide chutes a lot.


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