Spring bear season


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Jan 4, 2004
Well today was the first day of the spring bear season in my area of Oregon. Went too early in the day so my partner could meet family obligations. Started off a little slow by around noon we spotted a bear. Guestimated him about 200-250lbs and the laser said 750yrds. Hmmmm..... Well we had invited a friend from work, who had never taken a bear, and he said he wasn't up to such a shot even with one of our rifles. So of we go to try and get him in his comfort range. I guess that bear just got tired of waiting for him so he decided to bed down in a brush patch. No big deal lots of time and bears ahead of us but that kid was sure kicking himself. Maybe a lil' push towards LRH? I'll keep ya posted.
Sounds like you had more luck than we did!

I took my baby sister out for her first bear hunt yesterday and we havent seen any sign of bear movement yet, She has never done any big game hunting yet so this should be a lot of fun.

She was the only one in our party to draw a spring bear tag so she has a lot of extra eyes helping her look for em!

The tag she drew was for the North Cascades,hopefully we will have more luck as the critters start to eat more!

Good Luck on your next trip out!

It has been a few days and few dry runs since season opened, but last night I managed to spot another bear. Looked him over for a minute and ranged him at 338yrds. Just a little over my 300yrd limit for my TC Contender. My partner got excited and wanted to take him but asked if he could use my rifle. When I eased it out of the rig I heard and felt something as I tipped the barrel skyward to chamber a round. As I opened the bolt I discovered that as we were hunting that day my 5 year old son had discovered a screwdriver bit on the floor of the rig. I guess he figured it looked like a bullet as he slipped it down the barrel of my rifle. Well the bit went into my pocket for a later discussion and a round went into the chamber. I got Bo set up to take the shot and settled in, with my son Tommy, to watch the show. Bo let it fly and the bear just kinda launched itself into the air and over backwards. After a few seconds of rolling down the canyon it was over. Tommy was impressed with the bear and the shooting but was a little down after the discussion about the screwdriver bit. Well back at 'em again in a day or two.

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