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Jan 23, 2007
I want a poly or aluminum case, with interior foam, to carry my Leica Televid 77 in; the soft cases are not good protection. The case needs to be about 22"x9"x5". I have been all over the internet this past week, and cannot find anything in hard case with those approximate dimensions. Does anyone have a suggestion?
I'd consider making one out of cabinet grade plywood (stain/polyurethane or just polyurethane would look great)assuming you've got a fair amount of woodworking tools. If not perhaps a local woodshop could make you one for a reasonable price. The foam you could probably get at any number of places around town or internet.
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I have the APO as well and have a Pelican (small one with retractable handle and wheels) that my wife custom cut the foam so a small tripod with the window adapter fits along with the sun shade----looks good and is bullet proof!!
Chas - Wish I could say I had the ability to make one, but I do not.

Boss Hoss - Went to the Pelican site; don't see anything there close to the dimensions I need, but thanks. Gene
Both Pelican and Storm have a case that is nearly perfect for your needs. If I can get a picture of mine, it houses an 85mm Zeis with angled eyepiece. I'll post it here with the model number of the storm csae.
The Case I have is a Storm Mi2500. It has several inches of foam in alll directions around the spotter, and has been dropped onto concrete with no ill effects on the spotter, and only slight scratches on the bottom back of the case. Oh yeah this particular case is also carry-on compliant for airlines and has 2 wheels and a handle that extends from teh case. This is the case after I marked, but before I cut a spot for teh fixed magnification eyepiece.

Cabela's sell a "soft case" that is formed and molded for either straight or angled spotting scopes. Price isn't to bad either... For a hard case, the Pelican cases cannot be beaten. Pelican replaced at no charge a case I had used for 10 years... fantastic customer service! NJS
I saw the Cabelas soft spotting scope case on They do not give the size. There were many negative comments that the case will not fit a large scope. Anyone considering this soft case, should read the comments.
I have had all of what I rate below for similiar applicaitons, not sure on sizes. in order of my preference, the UK cases are easily the best

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hardigg storm
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