Sportsman's Warehouse to sell to BPS!


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Dec 23, 2014
Just read that Sportsman's Warehouse has entered into a 'definitive' agreement to sell to the parent company of Bass Pro Shops. I don't know how to post the link to the article, but the thread is on Walleye Central. Sad situation since Sportsman's still sold some quality merchandise.
Too bad... When Bass pro bought Cabela's it really went in the tank at our local Cabela's. They should just call it Cabela's home furnishings and cheap Chinese clothing store.
the writing was on the wall 10 years earlier when that transformation was set in motion. Myself and a number of other managers tried to sound the warning, but they, and their so-called experts with their new business model knew it all.
and now, as then, nobody knew how to plan in advance for elections. they were dumping tons of money into ritzy O/U shotguns that sat on shelves for 5 years, rather than stocking up on AR-15 inventory before the Obama election. Last week I walked through the one of their stores and it looks like I own more guns than they had on display. They still have a full collection of ritzy o/u shotguns though.
I had noticed sportsman's seemed very competent the few times I went in there, seems about right.

I still use bps because they have the best prices and stock of ammo right now, but they don't make it easy. Their current plan seems to be buy out the better companies instead of improve
wow it's been years since I stepped into any of them. That's really too bad.
Cabelas is becoming the Walmart of Sporting goods. Lots of cheap made crap that they can earn large markups on while paying and treating their staff poorly. Cabela's customer service, warranties and return policies have also gone way downhill over the past 6 years. I buy all my stuff from local gun stores or shops. I will even mail order, anything but Cabelas unless there is absolutely no choice.
There is near me 20 miles or so away, a BPS and Sportsman's Warehouse maybe 10 miles from each other. I expect the SW may close.