SPONSOR PROFILE - Tikka Shooters - Greg Beierwaltes & Jason McHann

Andy Backus

Field Editor
Staff member
Dec 21, 2009
Please give me an overview of what your company does and where you are located.
At Tikka Shooter’s our goal is to provide information and products to the growing number of people who are purchasing and enjoying Tikka rifles. We are located in Bozeman, Montana, obviously a great place to hunt and hunt long range.

How long have you been in business, how did you get started, and who are some of the key members of your operation?
Tikka Shooter’s has been in business for one year. It was started by Jason Mchann and Greg Beierwaltes, two Tikka shooters who loved the rifle, but were disgruntled by the lack of information and aftermarket parts.
We decided that it was high time that this rifle had some exposure online, and The Tikka Shooter’s site soon led to the Tikka Shooter’s Forum. Now Tikka aficionados had a place to learn, exchange ideas, and purchase OEM and aftermarket products from one location.

Can you describe and give me a brief history of some of your hot products or services?
Some of the products that are very well received would be:
The Tikka T-3 Classic Ultralight stock, which weighs only 26.4 oz. and allows someone to build an ultra light mountain rifle, or just make their existing rifle lighter and easier to carry.
Another super product that works great and looks cool is the Clamp-on Muzzle brake. When you consider that no gunsmithing is needed, it represents a very good value, and can be removed if needed.
We also sell the heck out of our CNC aluminum bolt shrouds. They are black anodized and replace the cheap plastic original.
We are also a full line Vortex Optics dealer and will meet or beat anyone’s advertised price.
What are some of your company's future goals?
Our future goals revolve around sourcing new products, building the information content of our website, and manufacturing the products that are not available anywhere.

What new products or services can we look forward to from your company in the future?
Without giving away specific details of things in progress, let’s just say that we will be coming out with manufactured products that will be specifically targeted at the long range hunting, shooting and tactical markets.

What is your opinion of the future of the long-range hunting and shooting industry?
We believe that more and more people will be drawn to the long-range sports, be it hunting, competition, or tactical. Furthermore, these disciplines meld together quite well, as practicing any of them will increase skill and enjoyment of the others. We think that with this influx of new customers, the shooting industry as a whole, and the long range hunting, tactical and competition industry in particular, will benefit greatly.

Tell me about your (or some of your team's) personal hunting style, location, species, etc.
Backpack hunting for elk is a favorite way to hunt for us. Of course, Montana offers plenty of space to afford the opportunity for the long shot. We also have access to a ranch in rolling hills that allows us to shoot varmints and targets out to a mile.

Tell me about your long range shooting experience.
Although we do not compete in formal competitions, we spend considerable time at the range practicing and testing equipment and accuracy. Also, living in the mountains lets us get plenty of time in rough country to test the accuracy and usability of rifles and products under real world conditions.

What non-hunting and shooting hobbies or activities do you participate in?
Skiing, hiking, fly fishing, and kayaking are some of the activities that our staff participates in.

How long have you been an active member of LongRangeHunting.com and how have you found LRH to be beneficial to you personally or to your business?
We have been members of Long Range Hunting for over 2 years.
We have referred to Long Range Hunting for information on everything from gun building to wildcats, and have used the forum do discuss a wide range of subjects. We have also purchased products from members. When we need long-range info, yours is the go-to site!

What hunts or other trips are on your bucket list?
Long range antelope, eastern Montana long-range prairie dog, and if the stars align, possibly sheep. The buildup of an F-Class rifle is being planned.

Tell me about your family.
Greg is the proud father of a son 23, and daughter 29, who has given him two grandchildren, a girl and a boy. His son is a professional chef who gets to spend his winters skiing, and his daughter is lucky enough to be a stay at home mom (and daddy’s girl).