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Andy Backus

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Dec 21, 2009
Please give me an overview of what your company does and where you are located.
Lockhart Tactical was started back in 2012 and specializes in procurement of high end Military, Law Enforcement and Precision Shooting Equipment. We're proudly located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, and ship most products world wide.

How long have you been in business, how did you get started, and who are some of the key members of your operation?
We've been in business now for four happy years so far and are continuously growing in the domestic and international markets. I joined the Canadian Forces as an Infantry Soldier in 09 and due to the nature of typical government procurement, I saw a requirement for better equipment for soldiers. Soon after I started Lockhart Tactical, we spread into more markets such as precision shooting, hunting equipment, medical and survival type products.


Can you describe and give me a brief history of some of your hot products or services?
Some of our best selling products are precision shooting chassis's and accessories made right here in Canada!
Cadex Defence: Lockhart Tactical | Military and Law enforcement tactical gear and equipment - Cadex Defence
Modular Driven Technologies: Lockhart Tactical | Military and Law enforcement tactical gear and equipment - MDT Modular Driven Technologies

We sell a lot of these products, and they've been really embraced by the shooting community. To make it even better, we love to offer extremely great discounts on these, as well as FREE shipping to Canada and the USA!

What new products or services can we look forward to from your company in the future?
We feel the aim of the game is to provide top level customer service. Second to that, is keeping up with technology advancements and consumer needs. We specialize in procurement and just something isn't listed on our website, doesn't mean we don't have access to it. We're always looking to have a massive selection of much needed equipment to ensure you're setup for success, what ever your mission might be.

Tell me about your (or some of your team's) long range shooting and hunting experience.
As far as long range shooting goes, Our team is part of the Canadian Forces combat shooting team. Just a few summers we were over in England competing at Bisley. Although I didn't grow up in a hunting home, i've had a few trips and I'd love to do more and more. There is nothing more exciting than embracing the inner mountain man.

What is your opinion of the future of the long-range hunting and shooting industry?
Although the media is full of anti gun protestors and other delusional, low IQ members of the general public, we see the Firearm community growing stronger and stronger. We believe the shooting industry has nothing to worry about.

What non-hunting and shooting hobbies or activities do you participate in?
When not engaged with the Forces, Family or Work, I'm an avid Motorcycle Rider. I love spending time at the Range introducing non shooters to the passion. Inviting new people to the sport is a key factor to keeping the sport alive. The outdoors is big passion. We just equipped our company vehicle with a massive Roof Top Tent and can't wait to get out into the unknown.

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