SPONSOR PROFILE - JD African Safaris - John Cleminshaw

Andy Backus

Field Editor
Staff member
Dec 21, 2009
Please give me an overview of what your company does and where you are located.
JD African Safaris , LLC is an African Safari Outfitting and booking agency located in Southwest Michigan.

How long have you been in business, how did you get started, and who are some of the key members of your operation?
We have been in business since 2010, but have been doing safaris since 1996.

What are some of your company's future goals?
Our goal is and has always been to be the highest quality Safari outfitter in the United States.

What new products or services can we look forward to from your company in the future?
We expect to be opening several new camps in Mozambique this year with our partners in Africa that will provide unparalleled access to some great hunting for our clients.


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