Spokane, Coeur d'Alene area


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Sep 26, 2020
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Go on-line & check things out:

I have visited:

Spokane Valley Rifle & Pistol Club (SVR&PC, AKA Mica Range) on Belmont Rd. They collect a daily range fee upon inspection of your government issued ID and probably charge $10 per day. Annual membership might be $200-$300. The neighbors hate this range and have been trying for years to to shut it down. The last episode was a lawsuit from a neighbor alleging "property damage" which was dismissed with prejudice by the Spokane County Superior Court. The SVR&PC does not have a lease with the property owner, so your shooting access might be shut down at whim by owner. Steel targets are set out at 300, 385, 500 meters & 1000 yards unless changed. There is a pistol range located at the end of Jons Rd that runs north of Belmont. Hours are from 2:00PM to dusk - all ranges. Every day might be the last day - entirely dependent on owners existence & whims. Crude picnic tables & plank benches (wobbly) to shoot from, mass confusion when crowded. Parking limited. Table (bench?) space limited. Try shooting in January when it is sub 20* to get a spot and not be harassed. No lease - no rights.

The Fernan Rod & Gun Club - take the Fernan Rd exit off I90 & the range is 10-12 miles north. US Forest Service Lease - professionally run. Targets for paper up to 400 yards or so. Covered shooting sites, pistol, rifle. The CDA, Veterans Admin, & various other LE train here. Heated class room, out house & water well. Steel targets out to 1,100 yards +. Crowded, pre hunting season. Membership about $300 plus per year. LE might reserve ranges just before hunting season. Early spring access dicey and creek running thru property floods part of range but a foot bridge is provided to cross. Had an interesting encounter with a huge juvenile bull moose who resented our presence.

CDA range on Atlas Rd - only been there 1 time - no info.

Spokane Rifle Club, on the banks of the Spokane river - watch the trouts feed on the riffles - have not shot there for years. Membership might be restricted. As I remember shooting can be done up to 300 yards but more distance involves shooting over sites closer to targets - requires partial range shut down. Shot gun area. Club house. NRA 600 yard Hi Power events there.

The Spokane Coeur d' Alene area needs better shooting sites. At present the Fernan Rod & Gun Club is the best. The SVR&PC is a major disappointment & bad stuff might happen at any time. A 2020 major wildfire destroyed little town of Malden some 20-30 miles east. SVR&PC neighbors fear shooting activities might burn everybody out.

If I was back there I would spend the $ to shoot at the Rock Lake Range.
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