SOLD/EXPIRED SPF: Short Action Customs Remington 700 .223 Varmint Rifle

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    Dec 20, 2008
    SALE PENDING: Trying this one again. I really hate to let this one go, but I need to help fund some other things so it's back up for sale. Originally owned by my good friend, He had it put together by Mark at Short Action Customs. He is not the type to skimp out on any custom build, so it's got the works. Here's the specs, I'm sure I will forget something:

    -Remington 700 SPS tactical short action, purchased new
    -Action blueprinted
    -Lilja stainless steel barrel chambered in .223 Rem, 1 in 12" twist cut and crowned at 20"
    -X-mark pro trigger tuned by Mark at 2 lbs, breaks like glass
    -Badger bolt knob
    -HS Precision stock, bedded and verified for a stress free fit, also has adjustable cheek piece
    -All metal parts blasted and cerakoted tan and black
    -Stock professionally duracoated by GA precision
    -EGW 0 MOA 1 piece base, cerakoted black

    This rifle is a dream come true for me. My good friend owned it less than a month after getting it back from Mark before trading me my AR for it, he took it to the range one time. This rifle has well under 100 rounds through it and it has been very well maintained. Always cleaned properly with bore guide and one piece carbon rod. I have shot groups in the .120" range with handloads. The only thing wrong with this rifle is the butt pad on the stock, its chewed up on the bottom for some reason. The stock was purchased used before being bedded for the build, everything else, including the action was purchased new. Im sure Mark can verify the cost and accuracy of this rifle. I have all the receipts for the work done except on the stock. It has well over $2,000 invested in parts and labor. I am asking $1500 plus shipping for the rifle alone. Scope, rings and bipod are not included. Price is firm, please no trades at this time. I will provide the buyer with all the load data and receipts. If you have any questions or need specific pictures of anything, please email me at dan67899(AT) or PM me. More pics to come. Thanks for looking
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    Re: WTS: Short Action Customs Remington 700 .223 Varmint Rifle

    WOW....nice Rig. I AM in the .223 market heavily and been looking at semi/custom .223's. This one sounds like a shooting machine and will make someone a fine custom .223. Just more then i am looking to spend.

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    Re: WTS: Short Action Customs Remington 700 .223 Varmint Rifle

    PM sent