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Aug 30, 2005
Murray, Ky.
Well guys I'm fixing to build my first SP. Been talking alot to Neal aka hammertyme actually I've probably been getting on his last nerve.....lol. He is by far one of the kindest people along with Jim See and a few others that I have ever had the pleasure of talking to about guns.

Fixing to send ole Neal off some off my hard earned money for one if his beautifull stocks tomorrow.
Already got a action coming right bolt left port.

I'm wanting to get all of yalls opinions on groove selection on my new barrel. I'm going to go with a benchmark barrel 18 or 19" 7 or 8 twist chambered in 6x284. I've heard that the 3 grooves are hard on jackets in the faster twists. So what do yall think.

Thanks guys,


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Jan 20, 2004
Blackfoot, Idaho

I can input a little on fast twist 3 groove barrels and bullets.

I shoot a Lilja 3 groove 8 twist 30" barrel in 270 at extreme velocities(for a 270 bullet)

Point one: It seems that the larger the bore the easier on the bullet as the 7mm cal has less trouble than the 270 cal.

Point two: the following bullets have yet to exhibit any problems in my rifle.
Nosler accubonds and ballistic tips.
Hornady boat tail spire points, lead tips (not SSTs)
All shoot really well but BCs are in the ditch in 270.

Point three: The only barrel data point I have is that "about half of the 3 groove Lilja barrels exhibit bullet structure problems beginning a about 400 rounds." Benchmarks may be a bit or totally different?

Given my experience I'd recommend going with a 6.5 vs a 6mm just for a bit of lee way.....

Also, most probably with the velocities that you will be shooting, assuming heavy for cal, high bc bullets, you won't see any problems at all with any quality bullet you use whether 6 or 6.5mm.

The only "factory" bullets I've had problems with were Bergers and velocities over 3450. Down around 3100 they gave no problems. Great for a WSM but puny for an extreme magnum....

Just my 5c worth......


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Feb 26, 2003
Pueblo, CO
Interesting info Roy. Here's my 225 Win. STA/ Neallum stock/8 twist McGowen set up for prairie dogs. Had some problems for awhile with chambering a 225 round but turns out it was an extractor issue. My gunsmith couldn't get to it at the time and then coyote season rolled around, and this project was put on hold. Gonna take it out here in the next few days to FINALLY shoot it. Hows about that Unertl BV-20--is that out of this world or what on a handgun?--always wanted to see what a Unertl would look like on a pistol--now i know.



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