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Dec 30, 2007
Haslett Michigan
Wondering if any in Southern Michigan is going to be gearing up for some coyote hunting this year. I am around the Lansing area and would like to hear about where they are being seen and heard. I have a few good spots but I am always looking for more! Lets see if we can get a group weekend hunt and try our luck on these dogs. Thanks Tom
I live near Williamston, I sent a message but I don't think it sent. I just found this forum and signed up...messaging might not work for a new member. I do custom cabinets and in the yellow pages. Give a call.lightbulb
Terry---That post you responded to was over two years old, so he may not even be on here any more. The best thing would be to highlight his username and send him a PM or email to see if you get an answer.
Thanks TopGun
I guess I stopped noticing the years, product of old age I guess....I'll shoot him a message and see if he's still around. I tried before, but it didn't work, might have been because it was my first visit here. Thanks again, glad to know folks pay attention here.
'Dogs' for me are a walk to the back deck. There are alot around here. My wife has been loosing felines lately..... (not a bad thing but I won't tell her that......:))
Hey Guy's my name is Adam And i live in Lansing/Holt On aurelius rd And would like to meet some fellow LRH members to find new tricks of the trade i have been shooting for about 2 years and im not the best i got lucky and took a yote in mason last year @1100+ yards i have access to a 1250 yds on a farm in Mason.I would love to go out and learn some new tricks.

Adam, my name is Tom and I live in Williamston and would like to do some long range shooting. I currently work for pierce engineering building custom long range rifles in Lansing. Our website is Check out the site and send me a PM and we can talk further about shooting and showing all the out west people Michigan is where it's at.
My name is Matt. I live in Milan . I'm new to the long range shooting community and looking to shoot with some experienced people and learn some things.
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