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Desert Fox

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Jan 31, 2002
We always welcome new member

Here's the 500 meter range. The foreground is the junior range. Further up are the cowboy, IPSC, pistol range

Here's the benches at the 500 meter range



Looking east behind our spotter is the 100 meter range.


Here are the benches at our 100 meter range
Desert Fox thanks for the info i live in cypress about 53 mile's from your range i been looking for a range i can shoot paper out to 500 yards. i have lss in 300 ultra /308 win and 243 vls i need to see how hey shoots on paper i can bang a gong at 500 but would like to know exactly what it can do im just getting into reloading still in the reading gathering info period
Thanks Jim
Jim, If you want to join our club, go see Larry, our Rangemaster. He is there from Friday til Sunday. He can sign you up. Make sure you bring your checkbook and your NRA member's card. If you want to meet-up for an afternoon shooting after work on weekdays, which is the best day to come to the range to shoot at the 500 meter, e-mail me. RJ
Desert Fox,
I'm also a member at West End,glad to see another member on the board here.I usually shoot the 500 meter early mornings (less wind, the light is better). I also run the Action Pistol Match on 2nd Saturdays.Have you tried the Precision Rifle Match on the 2nd Sundays?, its a fun match, and its pretty challenging.
Hope to meet you at the range.
Hi' Cameron, Welcome to LRH. Nice having another member joined in. Yes, I'm planning to give it a try next month.RJ
is the range open to the public or do you have to join first i would like to try some of the long barreld rifle's out

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