Son's First Bird

Jul 25, 2021
We finally got his first bird 2 weeks ago. Been tough hunting on our spot but persistence paid off. He started going with me 2 years ago when he was 5 and got to see the show on a bird I took. Carried his 410 w/ TSS last year and watched a few strut just out of range at 40 yards. Stepped up to a 20ga and hammered this dude at about 11AM on April 20th. It was the 8th day we'd hunted this year and we put some serious mileage on those little 7yo legs. Sure am proud of him for hanging in there even though those walnut brained birds were doing a good job making his old man look like a dummy. I'd give up every bird I've ever taken for that one.
That’s awesome! My sons doing his safety hunter coarse as we speak! Can’t wait for that moment!