Son's Colorado Mule Deer


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Feb 12, 2012
Houston Texas
Here is a picture of the mule deer my son took this year and the rifle used to do it. Last year he used his Savage 11 in 7mm-08 to take his first deer at 350 yards. Small fork horn deer but made an excellent shot considering it was his first deer! This year he watched me shoot a doe at 520 yards using my 280 Ackley so he had to try it. He took this buck at 495 yards very close to where I took my doe. We were set up near the top of a hill overlooking an alfalfa field so it was an ideal place to take these long shots. Shooting from a sitting position, back against a large flat boulder and using shooting sticks. Rifle is a Win 70 that I put together earlier this year. PAC-NOR installed the barrel and I did the rest. We used Nosler 140gr NAB bullets to take both deer. Both deer dropped in their tracks and no bullets were recovered due to pass through shots just behind the shoulder.

Just had to brag on him and his shooting ability - was cool as a cucumber!


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Jul 8, 2012
Greeley ,Colo
Good buck Tyler and great long range shot. It is good that you can enjoy deer hunting with your dad , not everyone gets a chance to go hunting with there father. You are very lucky young man! Do it again next year.
Congratulations on your great hunt!!!