Some Results of Specialty Handguns Showing Up @ a 1k Match


Jun 18, 2007
NE Wyoming
Erik W. really made the news with his rear-grip Lawton specialty handgun (especially set-up for BR-extra long barrel) grouped a 11.820 in the 11 pound class. He was a using a rear-grip Mcree stock.
He won second place for group in the Sunday 11 pound class.

NOTE: (All groups are 10-shot groups & that is a lot harder than 5-shot groups):eek:

Erik/XP-Jr. in the heavy gun class using the rear-grip 6.5-284 XP-100 (1st time my son has ever been in a match against rifles) had a 10-shot 21 inch group with 9 of his shots inside 11.5 inches.
We also noticed that his 9 shots had a 3 inch vertical group whereas the horizonatal as mentioned was 11.5 inches. For a 13 year old that is pretty good.
Also, on Friday, which was the practice day the very 1st shot he took with the rear-grip 6.5-284 he shattered a clay pigeon @ 1K (Actually he nailed it at about 1040 yards since the clays are behind the target area)
To say the least, he had a good weekend.

Eric W. had a print-out of the match and I was surprised to discover that I was 3rd place for score (84) in the 11 pound class with a 16.5 inch group (shooting off of a Harris bi-pod) using a center-grip XP chambered in 6x47 Lapua/H-S Stock/Lawton 1-7.65 twist barrel/Leupold Vari-X 3 LR/T 8.5-25 scope.
The other 11 pound match I had a breakage with my bolt stop/release, but even with that I managed to keep all 10 on paper.
When I shot the 7mm Dakota (bi-pod again) in 16.5 pound class we had some switchy conditions and I placed 3rd out of my relay of 8 shooters.

3 of the 4 relays I shot in I used my field gear to compete (not the typical front rest w/ rabbit ear back bag) as I wanted to see what could be done with a bi-pod.
Next time I won't shoot off of a bi-pod, but will use a front rest for faster loading and consistent tracking.
I just wanted to use what I typically hunt with and see how it would do.
These matches are not about trying to beat rifle shooters, but that is a nice icing on the cake when you do it.
It is really about competing against yourself and developing your skills.
I had a lot of fun and am working on ways to be better off of the bench.
way to go!!! you and little XP make us SP'ers proud. That is some great shooting. Is Eric going to be a part of our antelope hunt this year? I think he deserves it, with his beating his dad in his first Bench Shoot. HEHEHEHEH!!!!
Whether I take Erik out of school for the antelope for the SP hunt is unsure. He will be antelope and mule deer hunting with out side of Gillette for sure though.
I just realized a couple of days ago I have a schedule conflict for the April match in Missoula:(
I do hope to make the May match though.
I really enjoy this type of discipline. I am convonced it will make me a better shot over all to boot. Plus, it is just downright fun:D
I guess he would be classed as a junior shooter, but I am quite sure that other junior shooters have shot smaller groups with rifles.
Now as far as specialty handguns @ 1k, I think only my daughter (now days away from being 19) and Erik have competed with specialty handguns at 1k rifle matches.
Since there is no class for specialty handguns, I don't think there is any records for him to break.
Since he has never shot a LR benchrest rifle (he did pull the trigger on a 270 Win Rem rifle and a AR-15 this past August--First time ever to shoot a centerfire rifle), he has no clue how much easier it is to shoot a rifle set-up.
Does this make me a neglectful father, not letting my children use centerfire rifles?:eek:
Does this make me a neglectful father, not letting my children use centerfire rifles?

Ernie i wouldnt let this get out! These days someone will say yes.
Does this make me a neglectful father, not letting my children use centerfire rifles?:eek:[/quote]

sorry i am just figuring this out
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