Some of my archery bucks


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Nov 15, 2009
I am an archery hunter more so than a rifle hunter. I hunt with a rifle to extend my season but have only ever killed 2 deer with a rifle....the other 13 or so have been with a bow and arrrow, or a muzzleloader.

All of these are whitetail taken from the same stand on my parents property.

2006 6 point, shot this little guy at 9 yard the arrow blew through his chest 1" above his heart, he fell less then 30 yards from my tree stand.

2006 8 point, 7 yards shot took him through the throat because his heart/lungs were covered by a maple tree and he was fixing to bolt, only went 250 yards before tipping over.

2005 10 point, 22 yards hit him in the neck and dropped right on the spot, this one got a shoulder mount done.


I have others but dont seem to have pictures of them on this computer.
Those are some nice deer. I'm kinda of the same mindset you are. I do like gun hunting, but bow hunting is more fun to me. You've taken a lot more deer than I have though. I'm only up to 2 deer total. One 6pt with a bow at 7 yards and one doe with my 270 at 300yards.

Honestly, I seem to have better luck bow hunting. Rifle season in WV brings out so many hunters that every critter in the woods is scared to death, me included. Some places sound like a small war happening. The county I live in is bow only, so the deer there are a bit calmer. Makes hunting more enjoyable.
Congrats on those archery deer. Although I still do about one gun hunt each year, nothing compares to bow hunting. I try getting in three or four bow hunts per year.
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