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    Nov 17, 2009
    STR 300 Win
    Ive been bit by the 6.5 SAUM bug, so I need to make some room, rifle is in like new condition.
    STR marked Stiller Tac 300
    Bartlein barrel MTU 1:10
    APA little bastard
    APA bottom metal
    McMillan A5 molded in OD,Tan, and Black
    Pillar bedded by STR
    (1) 5 round AI mag
    Timney trigger

    Like new condition round count is 101, 40 of which were fired by Ozzie and 61 rounds of RWS factory rounds fired by me, rifle shot sub 1/2 moa with factory ammo. I loaded some ammo for load development a couple years ago but never fired them. I have RWS brass, 208 Amax, and extra mags available to buyer ONLY. $3050 shipped to your FFL

    Her is a link to the build thread:
    300 WM with lots of pics