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Nov 29, 2007
Humble, Texas
Selling a Broughton 5C 26" 1-9 twist fluted Sendero contour (.830" @ muzzle) barrel, with Defensive Edge 3-port brake, all Gunkoted matte black.
Barrel chambered to 7WSM by RBros Rifles, and it was on one of his Rogue actions. The barrel tenon of the Rogue action is longer than a Rem 700 action and other Rem 700 "clone" actions.
It has 180 rounds through it.
$450 shipped in the Cont. US.
It regularly shot groups like the targets shown with either H4831SC or H1000, and shot some similar groups with Retumbo in it also, but velocity was a little less than with the H1000.
Payment via PayPal add 3%, or I will take a certified bank check or USPS money order.


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