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    Jul 9, 2011
    I got this in a trade and I plan to use it as a fishing/car gun until I can sell or trade it. It's a W. German mfg. JJ (1988) Sig Sauer P226. The gun has some holster/handling wear and has been shot a fair amount, but the last owner was the first owner, and he kept it greased up good so the internals look great. The serial #'s on the slide, frame, and bbl all match. Has German proof marks. The bbl is nice on the inside and the gun has TRU DOT night sights that still have a lot of life left in them, and the gun has Houge grips. With the gun I have 4 15 rd. mags, 2 of them I would consider range mags b/c they don't drop free as easily. This isn't a gun you would put in a case or a safe queen; this is a good reliable gun you can take into any situation. This gun shoots VERY, VERY well. I want to keep it but I can't afford to so im just gonna carry it until someone buys it.


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