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    ###SPF###Remington 700 laminate stainless steel in .338 ultra mag. It has a black laminate stock, professionally installed muzzle brake, and a factory re-worked trigger that breaks clean at 2.5 lbs. The scope is a konus 8.5-32 mil-dot illuminated reticle mounted in Ken Farrell G-force matched rings and bases. These are serialized rings and bases cut together to match. Scope base and rings alone retail for $315. The rifle has 76rds fired. Targets show a 534yd group (3shot) in under 3 inches ( about .54 moa) with 300gr sierras (Load data available to buyer) and a .72 inch 4shot group with rem factory core lokt 250gr at 100yds. (both shot off bipod with rear bag out of the bed of a truck) included are the rifle, base, rings, scope, RCBS dies, 90 pieces of brass (30 loaded with 300gr sierras same recipe that shot the 534 yard group) 50rds barnes xlc's and reload data. Scope max range in elevation gets you out to 1500 yards. Zeroed about 13inches high at 100yards. Not for short range shooting. at 10.5 power the top mildot is zeroed at 100yards.

    price breakdown
    Rifle 800
    Rings and base 315
    Install Muzzle Brake 200
    Tune trigger 45
    scope 379
    brass and bullets 150
    RCBS Dies 30

    total $1,919.00

    Your Price $1450 shipped or make a trade offer

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