SOLD/EXPIRED **SOLD** Winchester featherweight stainless 270 GEORGEOUS wood.

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    May 8, 2001
    Impulse buy by myself because it was the most beautiful piece of wood I've seen on a factory gun off the shelf. And this gun hasn't been made since 2011. Tiger stripe/fiddleback on both sides, and plenty of horizontal character as well. 99% condition w/ one small scratch that I could find and tried to capture on camera. I took it out w/ 150gr Berger VLD to see what it could do and was able to get a couple of 3 shot groups under an inch, but when I went to adjust the scope to actually zero it, the shots started going all over the place. So now the scope is going back to *name withheld pending result* and my 30/06 that was getting rebarreled is about done so I have to pay for that work. So on the chopping block this goes!

    $900 OBO shipped to your FFL for rifle and one-piece DNZ game reaper mount, or add $200 more and I'll mount a Weaver Super Slam 2-10 w/ EBX reticle.

    Cross posted on another forum, timestamped IM/email wins.

    Pics don't do it justice, but here they are.

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