*Sold*: Tree Lounge Climbing Stand w/ accessories *pics

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    Aug 25, 2002

    I have an as-new Tree Lounge climbing stand for sale. Was going to put in on consignment at the hunting store near the lease in SW Georgia and then thought about the hunting sites I visit and thought I'd post it first.

    It is the #44-E Extended Gun Hunter's Special ($370), with #83 Safety Cable System, Instructional Video, Owner's manual, #8 Gun Holders, #9 Chill Pad, #11 Bow Hunting Adapter, #59 Bow Hunting Adapter Knobs ($5), #34 Tree-Lounge Jumbo Knobs ($10), #86 Tree-Lounge Arm Rail Pads ($20), #6 Pillow ($10), #403 Leveler Combo Pack ($120).

    *Sold* pending receipt of funds.

    That's a little more than half of what I paid - I just purchased this rig last season from Tree Lounge and used it less than 6 times. Some of the accessories are still in the original shipping boxes. Everything is in excellent condition.

    I live in FL, but travel to SW Georgia (Worth & Colquitt Counties) about once each 4-6 weeks during the year and quite a bit more frequently during hunting season.

    If anyone is interested, please let me know at cetyson@bellsouth.net . This is a great way to get into a complete Tree Lounge climbing stand with all of the useful accessories at nearly half the price.

    Thanks for looking,

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