For Sale Sold Mcree Chassis Rem SA, 2 mags

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  1. wloudamy

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    Mar 30, 2013
    8427B604-1D2D-4C90-BE68-EDAEB3426062.jpeg 690D6FD9-2CFE-4890-B8E3-B3783F587E5D.jpeg 3FE95B32-6B37-4C48-A772-C357F5B2BA25.jpeg 07C655FA-11E2-41AA-89D2-D5EADB7B2951.jpeg This is a gen 5 Mcree folder for a Remington short action. Locks up super tight with absolutely no wiggle. These are known for their tight lock-up.
    It will come with two AI-type magazines. One is a 5-round, the other a 10-round mag.
    Very small dings from light use. I can do a face-time call if you have an iPhone to show details if you’re serious.
    $400 shipped. That’s a great deal with two mags included.
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