SOLD FS: G.A. Precision Custom 338 Lapua, New

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    Dec 6, 2002
    SOLD CZ 550 Magnum action, trued, 4+1 capacity, single set trigger. Chambered in 338 Lapua, throated for 300 gr Sierra's at 3.700 OAL
    27" Accuracy International SS barrel, 1-10, 6 groove, #7 countour Accuracy International AW Muzzle Brake. McMillan McHale Tactical Stock 13 3/4"LOP 3Studs,Color:Woodland,Metal Parkerized, Barrel Teflon coated, Mil Spec gry/grn Customized 30mm Scope Rings included. SOLD SOLD SOLD

    $2300 Shipped.

    G.A. Precision
    816) 221-1844

    it is the one in back
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    May 3, 2001

    Thanks for posting the pictures, I wasn't sure what that stock looked like.


    I just got back from my Canada Whitetail hunt, too warm for deer I guess as I didn't bag one (only saw one trophy class deer).
    I did however get a moose using my new George Gardner 338 Lapua (CZ550 Safari action). My current load is 2850 fps with the 300 Sierra but I have had loads over 3000 fps with the 300 in this new(er) rifle.
    If I had some spare money I'd buy this rifle should be another great shooter.

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