SOLD/EXPIRED **sold**FS: Eotech 512.a65. LNIB.


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Feb 16, 2015
Nice sight. I've probably fired my AR with it mounted 60 times. I found a scope that I love and won't be using this anymore. Works perfect, holds zero when taken off and put back on in exact spot on the rail.

Sorry the pics are bad, it has new batteries and is perfectly clear. My camera flash kept messing things up and then would take worse pics without it. Anyhow, is just as good as new.

Only asking $300 plus actual shipping. Shipping should be less than $15 depending on which of those USPS boxes it will fit in.

Shoot me a PM or email if you want it. I've just put this up in a number of places and know it should sell fast as its over $100 off. I also have a sightmark 3x flip to the side magnifier that I am selling along with a sightmark red dot reflex sight. I would seperate those up if the buyer of the eotech wants the magnifier as lots of people have used them with an eotech.

Thanks for looking.


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